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Are you ready for the evolution?

9th January 2019

So how many articles have you read recently stating it’s the end of the work place as we know it, the robots are coming! There won’t be any jobs for humans? – ok a little over zealous on the descriptions there but none the less a scary prospect according to many of these articles. And, for those who despise or dread change potentially a point to either be frozen with fear or stick your head in the sand and play ostrich.

The rise of the “no collar worker” (virtual or automated systems / technology that replace a human) will happen (no it’s not the advent of Skynet, the Terminator film is not becoming a reality – well, not that I’m aware of yet anyway) but, a little like ten years ago when social media was the end for certain roles – guess what – new ones will be forth coming and the changes embraced.

So, my point? My favourite part of talent planning and resourcing… the transferable skill. An under-utilised item by many in the recruitment field and one that many hiring managers seem to have blinkers on for. Some see this as non-existent as the Dodo bird others believe in its existence but however believe it’s a creature that even Sir David Attenborough has not had the opportunity to witness and document. Either way it is probably the most important part of surviving the inevitable evolution of the work place and, for me the most interesting part in the recruitment process – digging out these skills.

Unlike those blind recruitment and management moles, I believe that the individual is the one who is oblivious or even worse – very well aware of their diversity but unable to aptly communicate it to those who hold the golden key to the coveted role.

I mean we have all been there – seen a job advertised only to be briskly turned down just after the application. An application might I add you probably spent some considerable time trying to convey how your transferable skills would meet, nay, exceed the role’s requirement! A role you could almost taste and feel because you got just a little excited at the prospect of it?

Good recruitment and resource planning enable the organisation to grow, it minimises costs offers greater job satisfaction (obviously as long as it’s appropriately remunerated) and really reinforce the psychological contract with staff that sometimes feels so out of reach for some organisations. By taking a step back and looking at the skills for the role you want to hire for or equally enrich, is experience in the role / sector really the be all and end all? Or could a solid induction to the sector with some well thought out training be the key to expand your organisations horizons with a fresh take? Maybe applying different ways of working or technology could boost you to be the cow that jumped over the moon?

If, as an employer you are seeking to utilise these new technologies and add some “no collar workers” to your talent pool maybe it’s time to look at your human talent, utilise your performance management and appraisal tools to mine this additional information and get a little creative, especially if you may be looking at redistributing elements of your workforce. More importantly take a big step back and look at the wider picture when doing this!

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