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Brave the skies and reach for the Cloud(s)

24th October 2017

It’s important to plan ahead

The more you organise and develop your internal processes the more success you’ll have. The buzz word at the moment in business is the Cloud, allowing access to many platforms while increasing access on the go!

But before looking up to the Cloud you need to plan how you are going to get there and what you are going to use it for. Using SMART objectives will help to be realistic. Work out how the cloud could help your business grow.

Many of the new cloud-based tools can streamline your internal financial processes from keeping an eye on your spending to quoting, invoicing and being paid.

Once you know how the cloud could save you time and money you will need to get your internal processes tuned up for the new way of working. Any changes need communication so that any barriers are discussed and overcome.

Numerical Bookkeeping Limited can help you get there. We offer on-boarding on to many cloud-based platforms such as Xero, Receipt Bank and GoCardless to name but a few.

The planning phase is the best time to be reviewing your current skill base against vision and goals for the future. It’s important to have the right people who will embrace change to make it a success, open dialogue is key. You may need to overcome several issues as your team gets to grips with onboarding onto the cloud. Especially, when this could be financial processes. There needs to be time to embed learning about the benefits and not building walls through fear, diverting people back to a manual way of working.

Keeping records becomes easier

Once you get started using a cloud-based system to manage your accounting, it can be easy to get distracted by the ongoing tasks. It’s best to set up your reporting systems in the planning stage, so you have time to consider what it is you want to record. We at Numerical can give advice on how to set up your Management Accounts or deliver this service for you as part of an external financial department taking the strain out of watching the money.

Remember you can’t measure what you haven’t recorded and you can’t record everything!

We can help you to set milestones to record key information and meet compliance. These actions will create the backbone around your bookkeeping tasks that are required to run a successful business. It will also help to iron out any issues and rectify them for next time. Taking the time to refine your processes, getting slicker as you gain experience with our support. It’s important to measure the success at intervals through recording and discussing and reporting the outcomes. These records will increase your effectiveness and profitability over time so don’t sideline them. Helping you to identify KPI’s that you want to monitor to show how your financial position is improving and how your company is growing, as a result of your move to the cloud

If you cure the hiccups as you go it makes your work a lot easier. Numerical can take the stress out of planning which is key, as the better your internal processes are, the more successful the business will be. Get in touch to find out more.