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The Ideal Client

23rd May 2017

Feel over worked and underpaid??

How to generate more profit in one simple step

So you have the foundations of your business all set up; the best suppliers, the truly integrated systems and a great team behind you but you just can’t seem to get rewarded for your efforts – making a small profit or even a loss at the end of each month. With this one simple step, without changing the framework of your business you can make more profit and work less hours per week.

Here is the secret - you need to grade your clients and work to find your Ideal Client.

How do you know what an Ideal Client looks like? Well guess what they don’t all fit into neat little boxes. So, the best approach is to benchmark what type of client fits well with your organisation. Everyone loves a check list (especially the Wunderlist enthusiasts amongst us) so get creative! Some examples might be:

* Clients who respect their time and yours

* Open to new ideas

* Value what you do for them

* Pay on time, every time……

Don’t forget to analyse your Ideal Client profile and the audience you are aiming to attract. Then, consider how your Ideal Client behaves. The best way to find out is ask! A simple survey, interview or chat over the phone may be all it takes to get insight to your Ideal Client.

Very soon by focusing on the ‘A’ grade clients (those who truly value you and pay on time) and refusing to work for the ‘D’ grade clients (those who take all your time and resources and grumble about costs) you will find you are no longer a busy fool, chasing your tail but are instead, running a much more profitable organisation. Don’t let the good ones go and hang on the bad ones, invest in the Ideal Client.

Empower your Ideal Client with clear communication and remember to limit your availability to your hours of business and not to be tempered into answering those emails now rather than later.

An Ideal Client is someone who works out quickly what the benefits are of using your product or services. They will be loyal and frequently engage, recommending you to others.

At Numerical we understand there’s more value in focusing on empowering the client rather that handholding them which is why we can help grade your clients and find your Ideal Client for you.

Numerical aim to deliver the best possible customer service and understand the importance of creating a two-way relationship. This is just one example of how we can do more to help your business grow

Understand. Support. Empower. #USENumerical