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Workplace Pensions - What you need to know

20th March 2017

Have you heard about the workplace pensions?

Do you know what you as an employer are expected to do?

Are you too worried to actually look into what is involved?

Here at Numerical Bookkeeping we can explain everything that is involved and help you with setting up your Auto-enrolment scheme.

Did you know that you are bound by law to set up and maintain a workplace pension scheme? If this is not in place at the scheduled times then there will be hefty fines imposed on the business.

You are probably already under pressure on a daily basis to increase workloads and turnover, ensuring that your company sees more growth and profitability, which in turn enables continuing employment for staff or maybe even employing more staff.

Numerical Bookkeeping Limited understand that the extra stress and time imposed on your business to make sure that the pension scheme is set up correctly and remains compliant is an unnecessary burden.

Numerical Bookkeeping Limited can help relieve the strain and so free you up to do what you do best and that is to run your business.

Although the ultimate responsibility to research and implement a pension scheme is with the employer, our understanding of Auto Enrolment can help guide you on the right path and offer help and support in maintaining records and managing the required administration.

Employees will need to be informed of their options and the details explained to them. It is important that this information is relayed in an unbiased fashion and we can help you with this.

Contact Numerical Bookkeeping Limited to find out more about Auto-enrolment and how we can instigate this to suit your employees and your business as a whole.

Let us take the strain away of yet another chore associated with having your own business. Give us a call and let us put your mind at rest.