Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer a free meeting?

    At Numerical we will happily talk to you for free to clarify how we can help you and your business. We don't see why anyone should have to pay just to find out if we can help.  Together we can work out what the next steps would be, in confidence, at no cost and with no obligation. The first meeting should last approximately an hour where we can discuss your current structure (limited company or sole trader), how many bank accounts you use, what your current system looks like or alternatively what system would be good for you. We also ask questions such as what would you like to know from your figures, do you have a budget and do you understand the figures. We want to help you and your business get the most from your accounts so you can focus on the most profitable areas of your business.  

  • Can Numerical take over from the current bookkeeper?

    Switching bookkeepers is a big decision. We understand that the relationship you have with your bookkeeper is a very personal one, and cutting off a relationship with a trusted business advisor can be extremely difficult to do. We have a set procedure in place that makes the transition quick and easy for you. We can liaise with your current accountant to ensure everything they require for year end is being completed, saving them time and you money. We can also recommend systems to streamline your current working practices as we are proactive and not just a simple processing department.     

  • Where are you based?

    Numerical is based in Century House, Menzies Road in Hastings on the South Coast. We are more than happy to travel to your business premises and meet face to face. However with technology constantly improving we have invested in systems such as team viewer or zoom which allow us to have online meetings at a time convenient to you for a reduced cost. Because of this technology we find our client base is vast even stretching overseas to America.